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Turning Point

What is a "Turning Point"?

I define it as an event that occured in the past that have caused a domino effect in your life. If that event did not happen, what you are now or the life you're living may cease to be. You could be somewhere or doing something else then.

An example would be, "If I took a left turn instead of right, I wouldn't have had that accident and wouldn't have met my nurse spouse." Or "I was thinking of ordering something for pick-up that day. Either I choose General Tso's Chicken at Fu Kim Chinese Restaurant, or get ribs from Chili's. I called for Chinese food. There I met the manager, who is now my life partner."

Events caused by weather or natural causes can be considered as Turning Points (like "It rained that day. I had to take shelter at the bus stop. That's where I met the love of my life.")

But the more interesting Turning Points are the ones that you consciously decided upon. It is when you actually made a decision that caused this and that to happen, which eventually led you to what you are now.

(A good movie is "The Butterfly Effect". In the movie, the lead actor was able to control these "Turning Points".)

As I look back in time, I have a lot of Turning Points. However, there is one particular object that I consider a major Turning Point. A webcam.

Back in 1998, webcams are becoming more popular and useful for communicating.
I got a crappy webcam from Circuit City. The software that came with it only produced executables when distributing videos through e-mail. I didn't like it at all.

I took that webcam back and got myself a Logitech Quickcam (black round eyeball like webcam). This time, it produces AVI files. Plus it came with Vocaltech Iphone. That was when I met my ex, "J". (Okay. If you're curious, the first thing I saw was NOT his face. hahaha)

After four years with "J", we got involved in lot of events. Which led us to our break-up, which eventually got me to meet my partner now.

So, if I didn't have that webcam replaced, or if I didn't consider to get a webcam back then, I wouldn't have met my partner.

Now, I still have that webcam. I don't think it's working anymore. It's just there sitting by my computer. But everytime I look at it, I see it as my Turning Point.

So... do you have a Turning Point yourself?

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