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Sci-fi Sundays - Ang Aking Munting Mundo

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Previous Entry Sci-fi Sundays Jan. 28th, 2007 @ 11:22 pm Next Entry
Well, it looks like Sci-Fi Fridays has become Sci-Fi Sundays now.

Dresden Files
It's a new series and I'm just trying it out. I don't think it's as spectacular as Heroes (personally for me) but it's interesting in a way.

Batllestar Galactica
I kinda knew in the beginning that ****** is not a ***** despite the previews. (JIC. I don't wanna spoil anything).

Tomorrow, Heroes should be interesting. I can't wait. :-)
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Date:January 29th, 2007 02:40 am (UTC)
I have four more episodes before I am caught up with the latest season of BSG 3...gotta love Tivo!
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Date:January 29th, 2007 02:54 am (UTC)
Well, I should say you could take your time.
IMO, BSG is a little slow. It is all good though.

I miss the Viper fights. :-(
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Date:January 29th, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC)

Sci Fi Weekend Question

Isn't the show 'Dresden Files' based on a book of the same name?
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Date:January 29th, 2007 04:24 pm (UTC)

Re: Sci Fi Weekend Question

Yes, it is. I was just talking to my good friend, jstdrawnthatway at lunch about it. The problem with it he says is that the tv show compresses the stories, which weakens the show a lot.

Oh well. Dunno if it will last long.
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Date:January 30th, 2007 01:59 am (UTC)
Sci-Fi Sunday just isn't the same as Sci-Fi Friday; especially since I start my Sunday viewing with "Rome" (full of Titus Pullo goodness!!!).
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