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Out At Last!

Thursday night was awesome.

My friends gave me a party that night. All of my high school friends were there.
I was planning this in the first place. It was time.

When we were all gathered together, I told them about Richie, our friend, who died.
I told them that he was gay and he confided with me. (That's another story.)
That was the first issue.

I told them the second issue.
"Guys, there's a reason why Richie came out to me.
Coz I came out to them first.
And I'm coming out to you guys now."

One said "Good joke! hahahaha. Really?"

I said, "Really."

OMG! You should see the awe in some of their faces. A good 5 seconds of utter silence.
Some shook their heads. One hugged me. Some were just smiling. One was giggling.
Later they started spin-doctoring about it. Asking timelines of "since when was this".
"But you had a girlfriend before."
So I asked them not to ask the whens and hows.
Information needs to sink in first.
Too much too handle in one night for some.

I looked them all straight in the eye, one by one.
I asked, "Are you guys cool?"
Most said nodded and said yeah.
Two were still in shock.

Ironically, these two were the ones who I've known the longest (since 3rd grade)
Later on, they were cool.

It's a great feeling. I feel I did good that day.

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