BRChase (brchase) wrote,

The Hills Have Eyes 2 - Review/Spoiler

Well, I went out last night with my friends Joe, Jeff jeffdintexas, and Dave to watch The Hills Have Eyes 2. We went to the Richey Road Movie Tavern on I-45.

It's about these soldiers in training who went to the desert in New Mexico where the government used to do nuclear tests. (Same location, of course, as the first The Hills Have Eyes). As expected, many of the soldiers die due to these mutants running in the mines. The movie ended with a premise of possible part 3.

The flow of the story is a lot better than the first one. It looks like the script was polished a bit and the plot was a lot more interesting. There were times when you're given the *jump factor*. Most of the thrill was expected and the gore is mild.

We ended up laughing in the end on the major crotch-bashing scene. We just found it painfully funny.

It's a one-thumb-up for me.

I need to rant about the theater though.
It was really bad:

  • jeffdintexas complained about the bar top flooded with beer and no one was cleaning it.

  • Restroom urinals don't flush. They were overflowing and the floor was yucky.

  • There was no soap at the sink

  • Credit card payments took forever. There's always something wrong that happens. They don't give you a receipt coz they're always out of paper or something.

  • The place looks run down already. It's just been around for a year or so.

The food and drinks are great though. I like eating there. It's just that the services and facilities suck big time.

I remember watching Superman Returns last year at this theater and that turned out well. What's happening to this theater nowadays?

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