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What a weekend!

We tried a new restaurant last Friday. It's called Los Cucos Mexican Cafe and it is located in the Memorial area.

We pretty much changed restaurants because the gays are boycotting Tony's Mexican Grill. (Long story)

Anyway, we had a good time eating at that restaurant.

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And then on Saturday, I went to houbeardad's house to swim a bit with a couple of Houston Area Bears people. That was okay.

Btw, welcome to LJ houbeardad!

In the evening, I got to do an interview with Scott Kennedy. That should be out on Episode 128 of BearPodcast.

I was with the Bear Dinner Group. There were 17 of us. Wow!

I got drunk, so I decided to watch Shrek The Third. I HATED IT! What a waste of time!

Sunday was great! We won against 2 lesbian teams! They really put up a good fight. I almost got a homerun but I got tagged at home plate. I should have done a slide. But we're happy since we won. (1st: 6-0, 2nd: 6-2).

I just stayed home the rest of the day. I was too tired. I just watched Pay It Forward. I like that movie.

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