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Reading Slowly, Plus Other News.

I'm reading HP7 right now and I'm enjoying it. I can't put it down.

In other news, our softball game yesterday was cancelled. So I just had more time to read HP7.

Besides, we didn't have enough players yesterday. We had exactly 9. If anything bad happens, no one can substitute. But then it rained, so the games were cancelled.

I decided to go to Fry's to buy this cheapo, no-name, computer with a free printer after rebate. It's a Sempron machine. The machine is only 150 bucks after rebates. I wanted to get Mike a printer for his birthday anyway. So I got it.

Where can you get a desktop machine (no monitor), and an All-in-One Canon P160 printer for a total of $150?

The only draw back (for now) is that it runs Windows Vista Home Basic.

Yep, I bit the bullet! My first Vista machine! It's not bad so far. I just need to upgrade this computer in the future (memory, hard drive, dvd writer, graphics card). It's just a play computer right now.

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