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Southern Decadence Pics

Here it is guys! Some of my pics

We drove in Friday night. It was pretty late, but we still managed to go out to the bars.

I got to meet rhymibear and his partner, bearseattle and Ian, shortstackbear and Frank, sfopanda, bearindfw. I also saw some of the Houston crowd: texwriterbear, goofycubb, bighoustonbear, houbeardad and Jon, 0gapa, 586bc and many others.

And below are some of my pics. Enjoy!

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde

At an adult shop

Me and sfopanda

New Orleans Bears and Bear Trappers at the parade

Aaron, Me. Very subtle shirt, huh?

Me and Stevo Harris from A Bear's Life Magazine

Crowd at Bourbon Street

We had so much fun!

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