June 20th, 2005

BRChase with Duck

San Antonio Was A Blast!

Joe and I arrived without a problem last Friday night. We went out to check out the Eagle, Annex, Pegasus, and Silver Dollar.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast (at Jim's) with John. John is doing very well, considering he had his left leg amputated a few months ago. He is in very high spirits. We swam at the apartment complex pool.

Joe, Jerry and I checked out 2 AAFES facilities there. Good prices on stuff.

Later, we watched Longest Yard. Nice movie.

We had the 2nd Anniversary dinner for BoSA. I got to meet the members. It's nice to see the people I'm working for. :-)

Everyone went to the Eagle to have a shot of Cactus. We had a toast.
Later on, some went to the Annex.

I was the designated driver so I had to watch how much I drank.
I have never seen Joe so smashed that night.

We got in the pool when we got back. We had drinks there.
I was exhausted.

Sunday, we ate at Lulu's. They had these huge-ass chicken-fried steaks. I couldn't even finish it.
After that, we drove back to Houston.

Overall, it was a good weekend!
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BRChase with Duck


Today is my Dad's 7th Death Anniversary.

I miss him. There are so many things I wanna talk about.
If only he could see how I have grown.

I blame cigarettes for this. :-(
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