March 29th, 2007

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The Hills Have Eyes 2 - Review/Spoiler

Well, I went out last night with my friends Joe, Jeff jeffdintexas, and Dave to watch The Hills Have Eyes 2. We went to the Richey Road Movie Tavern on I-45.
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I need to rant about the theater though.
It was really bad:

  • jeffdintexas complained about the bar top flooded with beer and no one was cleaning it.

  • Restroom urinals don't flush. They were overflowing and the floor was yucky.

  • There was no soap at the sink

  • Credit card payments took forever. There's always something wrong that happens. They don't give you a receipt coz they're always out of paper or something.

  • The place looks run down already. It's just been around for a year or so.

The food and drinks are great though. I like eating there. It's just that the services and facilities suck big time.

I remember watching Superman Returns last year at this theater and that turned out well. What's happening to this theater nowadays?