October 9th, 2007


Impromptu Cardio

I haven't played basketball for maybe 15 years.

I went to the gym this evening at 24HR Fatness. I did some weights for my arms and chest.

I was about to hit the stepper to do cardio when a black guy came up to me.

Guy: How about some cardio? We need another player. It would be good cardio for you.
Me: But I have to leave in 15 minutes. I gotta go.
Guy: Come on. It will only be 5 minutes.

I reluctantly walked in the basketball court. There were 6 other guys and one girl. So it's 4 against 4 on a half court.

I was really rusty. I managed to make one shot, though. I fell one time but got up okay. I goofed up on handling the ball, missed some shots, but it was fun. We won 16 to 12 I think. They were making up the rules as went along.

We finished and I felt good. That's enough cardio for me. :-)
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