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This Week and This Weekend

It's been a good week. Time to have some fun. :-)

I'm having so much fun with Oh My Pod Podcast. I strongly recommend it to you geeky guys, especially those who own a Mac. I was a guest on Episode 260

Then having Ali on the show was great, too! Another porn actor guest!

This weekend, I'll be in New Orleans to visit Mike. Yay! I haven't been back since Voodoo Musicfest.

We're trying to get Lisa Lamapanelli tickets for this coming Saturday. That would be awesome! I've seen her on TV (and a certain BearFilms video, I think. hehehe)

Then on Sunday, I'll be hurrying back to Houston to attend the Houston Area Bears Holiday party. That should be fun, too. :-)

I hope you guys had a good week and may your weekend be full of fun!

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