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LTCG, The Wave, AFH, Ripcord, Spartans

It's a big update! I just wanted to share to my LJ buddies. Click the pics to see the sets/tags

Thursday, I ate Vieng Thai with houbeardad, waytru and friends.

Friday, I was at the Verizon Wireless Theater to watch Larry the Cable Guy. He really lost a lot of weight. I talked about him on BearPodcast Episode 179.
Larry The Cable Guy

Saturday, my softball team, The Wave, went to the batting cages. We had fun. We were trying out 2 new possible players.
Batting Cages

Then I ate at Pho Saigon. I got hungry
Pho Saigon

At night, I attended the Asians and Friends Houston dinner at Pronto
AFH at Pronto

After dinner, we hanged out the bars. I got to see jeffdintexas at last! We had sort of a big reunion at the Ripcord hahaha
Nard, Jeff

Sunday, I just stayed home. At night, I did see Meet the Spartans. I just needed a good mindless laugh.

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