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BearPodcast - Episode 194 - Ang Aking Munting Mundo

About BearPodcast - Episode 194

Previous Entry BearPodcast - Episode 194 Mar. 27th, 2008 @ 07:34 am Next Entry
BearPodcast 194 - Live at TBRU, Jason from bTalk, EBearsHome.com

Hosts: Nard and Ray

We are still at TBRU. Our guests for this episode are Jason from bTalk, Steven and Elias from EBearsHome.com

Check out EbearsHome.com and try out their merchandise. Get 10% discount, plus free shipping, by entering ‘BearPodcast’ on the comments when checking out.

Episode 200 is coming very soon. Send in your voicemails at (206) 222-BEAR

Download MP3, Duration - 30:39, Size - 21.4MB

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