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My TBRU Pics - Saturday

Here's the full set.

cubziz helped me out that weekend. Such a sweet guy. Thank you so much for videotaping the show last Saturday! I also hugged irishchub (whose 'dvd' is still in my player. hehehe)
Nard, Tony, Dan

The Asian Connection. Here's Bob, Tony, Don and myself

I first met bearinslc at IBR 2006. It's good to see him again. This is the first time I met his partner, reslbear.
Jamie, Nard, Jeff

I got to meet paladincub21 at last. I didn't get his friend's name. I could see codecattx at the back.

It's good that reb2 and dfwteddybear came over the hotel. I also met Jake. He came up to me and said that Chris and Roy were on their way

jeffdintexas, wooferstl, and Justin (who seemed to be uneasy around me and wouldn't talk. But his hand in Woofer's singlet looked good.)
Jeff, Woofer, Justin

Here are the contestants that Saturday

Here are my friends from Houston, Jorge and John. John plays in my softball team.

It's always a pleasure to see profundis. I just wish we had time to hang out more. The weekend was just so crazy.
Nard, Mikey

It's great to see new and old friends, especially who are in LJ. :-)

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