BRChase (brchase) wrote,

My TBRU Pics - Sunday

Here's the last of the TBRU. Hehehe.

Here's the Flickr set

Woofer siting! Saw Steve and wooferstl at Cedar Springs. We were waiting for our shuttle.
Steve, WooferSteve, Woofer

My buddies bulldogcubnj and jeffdintexas in the shuttle
Jason, Jeff

Here's Gary. If you all know the "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" commercial for Mazda, he composed it.
Nard, Gary

Roel and Uwe. Such woofy friends of mine.
Roel, Uwe

Bob and Jeff. Woofies!
Bob, NardNard, Jeff

Here's Mario. I haven't seen him for a long while. He'll be visiting us in Houston in a few weeks.
Nard, Mario

I've been looking for sluggobear the whole weekend. I caught him at last at the Hidden Door.
Nard, Mike

reslbear and bearinslc at the Hidden Door.
Jamie, Jeff, Nard

sluggobear and jeffdintexas. Jeff says this is the first time he met Mikey in person, after 5 years of chatting.
Mike, Jeff

goofycubb attempting to drink without hands. Impressive! I wonder what else he can do with that mouth. Seriously, he did finish that drink that way.

SDTattGuy and friend

Casey, Jyles and myself at Uncle Julio's
Casey, Jyles, Nard

That Sunday was so much fun. I'll probably do it again next year. :-)

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