BRChase (brchase) wrote,

Jazz Fest New Orleans

It was an interesting Jazz Fest this year.

This time, we learned our lesson. We bought 5-dollar chairs! For many years we have gone to Jazz Fest, we never used chairs. It was always hard to sit in the grass.

Anyway, we arrived at the racetrack where it was.

We also enjoy the food at the event. Cochon de Lait Poboys, Crawfish Beignets, Crawfish Sack, and Oyster Patties. Yumm!

We got to see Cowboy Mouth! They were awesome!

However, it rained all day. We waited for Billy Joel. I couldn't take pictures because it was just pouring rain. It even flooded at some areas knee deep. Billy Joel sang his songs from the 70's. And "Piano Man" was the last song of course. Everyone had a great time. Billy Joel got a little wet, too.

Here's the Flickr Set.

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