BRChase (brchase) wrote,

Can You Really Lose Weight with McDonald's Food?

I was watching Good Morning America on ABC this morning. There was this bear who lost weight by eating McDonald's food.

Well, not like the burgers as was done in the movie Supe-Size Me. But he was eating the salads, and the burgers with no bun and cheese. It was pretty interesting.

Actually, what caught my attention in the segment (as a bear admiring guy I am) was him lifting his shirt and showing his hairy belly on camera. Major woof!

Here's the article:
McDiet Takes Man From 50-Inch Waist to 36

(Look at page two to see the woofiness.)
You know? I like the 'before' pictures most of the time when I see ads or TV segments like this. However, every person has to do what he needs to do keep healthy. It just so happen that this guy did it through McDonald's fastfood.

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