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Victim of Gustav

When we were in New Orleans, the night before our evacuation, we ate at Quarter Masters.

I saw this white board on one of the refrigerators in the store.

Wishes for Gustav

This is pretty sad, in my opinion. There are people who take advantage of tragedies. I'm sure the store meant this as a joke, but in reality, this is true.

Our friend, Ed, has a house near the Lower 9th Ward. Fortunately, the levees did hold during the hurricane.

However, after the evacuation of many, someone looted Ed's house. They took everything! TV, jewelry, family heirlooms, everything valuable! The city was not able to protect the properties of its residents.

They're thinking that on the next storm, they'll just take their chances and stay to protect their property.

I feel sorry for my friend. :-(

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