BRChase (brchase) wrote,

Metallica's Death Magnetic

Yesterday, I was at Best Buy to get Metallica's latest album.

I couldn't help comparing it to ... And Justice For All. The guitars and bass lines are somewhat similar, which I like. The power of the songs sounded like old school Metallica with more maturity.

It did have some punk/hardcore touch, plus an Iron Maiden melody. I think it's a good mix.

I'm watching Metallica in concert here at the Toyota Center on November 20 with jeffdintexas. I'm really looking forward to that. I wanna hear them play the new songs as well as their old songs I grew up with and covered when I was in a band.

I know they're ass-wipes for what they did to Napster, but I just look past that and just enjoy the music.


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