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My Take on Prop 8 and Elections

I would like to share my experience on Prop 8.

Weeks ago, before the elections, I was campaigning to my mom to vote who I was endorsing. I later found out that night that she already did the absentee voting. She voted for McCain and voted YES on Prop 8.

I was furious! I had to explain to her what she and all my aunts just did. They all voted against me, my lesbian cousins, my gay uncle, my gay nephew, and my lesbian niece!

Yes, the gay gene runs in our family.

When the election results came, I was very happy for Obama. But I was so sad with the passing of Prop 8.

Ray and I already discussed this on bearpodcast and we still do. We hope we can have people on board to discuss their Prop 8 experiences.

This Saturday, my partner and I will go to city hall and participate in the protest. I will take pictures and videos and I will send it to my mom and sister to show them what they contributed to happen.

Suggestion: If you are going to protest this weekend, take pics and videos and send it to friends and family who voted Yes on Prop 8. I believe that would send a more personal message.

"Mom, this is what happened when you put that check in the wrong box on your absentee ballot."

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