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What A Weekend!

Last Saturday, we had a Kickball tournament.
The participants were: Asians and Friends Houston, Houston Area Bears, and Houston Tennis Club.

HTC won. For one thing, they're very athletic! Hahaha.
HAB came 2nd.

But overall, it was a fun day. I enjoyed it immensely. I wouldn't mind playing again.
The weather was great even.

Btw, Alex and Jeff from Dallas stayed over for the weekend.

We had a party that night. We were busy running around.

Sunday, we went out to eat brunch with Mark, Jerry, Joe, Alex and Jeff.
We ate at the truckstop on 45 an Richey Road.
We always like the eye-candy there. Hehehe.

We went home. I spent the afternoon podcasting and relaxing at home. We were just so sore.

What a weekend indeed!

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