BRChase (brchase) wrote,

Bear Pride Pics, Podcast and Videos

Hey guys! Wow, I haven't posted much.

Bear Pride was really great! We really enjoyed it. It was great to hang out with mrpandabehr and his hubby Michael all weekend.

Thank you Chicago for making the Memorial Weekend truly memorable!

I saw many LJ friends there like ursusnoir, perkk, and geometrician, hayseedplowboy, cubstraction, cachorro34, wooferstl and others who I may not remember right now.

Here are pics!
Bear Pride 15 Friday 15Bear Pride 15 Friday 14Bear Pride 15 Friday 13

Here's the Flickr Set

Here's the Podcast:
BearPodcast 265 - Bear Pride 15 in Chicago, IML, Prop 8 Upheld
Download MP3 Audio, Duration - 55:41, Size - 38.5MB

Here's a video:
Bear Pride 15, International Mr. Leather 2009 (VLOG)
Download MP4 Video, Duration - 9:05, Size - 54.5MB

And here's the YouTube version:


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