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Seven Years

Seven years ago today, I left Manila, Philippines.
I entered U.S. soil in Seattle, WA, then flew to Newark, NJ.
One job led to another, and I ended up here in Houston. :-)

It has been a good seven years so far.
Many happy and sad moments, but all in all they're all good.

I was introduced to a lot of things: bears, coin laundry, subways, bears, credit cards, writing checks, bears, free refills on sodas, unlimited internet, bears, Wal-Mart (or "Volde-Mart"), PVRs, bears, bear-runs/events, and sex with bears. :-)

Coz back in Manila:
We have to hire a maid to do our laundry
Jampacked jeepneys are used for public transportation. During rush hour, one has to hang on to dear life on the sides of the jeep. I did that so many times going to and coming from my university.)
Everything is paid with cash.
You have to pay for each drink. Refills are an additional charge.
We live on pre-paid internet (100 pesos for 30 hours)
We're stuck on VHS back then. (Now VCDs are a hit)

And what sucks the most...
There are no bears and no bear events at all!

I sure am glad I moved. :-)

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