BRChase (brchase) wrote,

Stray Bear - Texas Renaissance Festival 2004

I'm thinking of starting my Stray Bears series.

The point of the posts is that these are real, regular people walking around...
Streets, shopping malls, Home Depot, Wal-mart, etc.
They could be straight or gay. Doesn't matter. They're still eye-candy. :-)

I will always place it in an lj-cut. However, it will always be worksafe.
(Coz you really don't see naked guys shopping at Home Depot. Only you just wish they were.)

On with the series...

TRF 2004. I was out with jeffdintexas and jstdrawnthatway, and other bears.
I took this pic of a guy at the jousting arena.

Tags: straybears

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