BRChase (brchase) wrote,

Memoirs of a Gay Cub

I was in Columbus, Ohio last weekend. I flew first class for the first time in my life.

It's not because I fly a lot. I flew to Manila last April and I got 18,000 mileage right there. I just needed a few more miles to get Elite access. I was lucky enough that there's an available first class seat.

I had a great time! It's a great visit with friends.

I also did a podcast on this on Episode 29.

Below are some pics

At the Disney Store (reb2, I thought of taking this pic for you hehehe)

This is definitely gay!

I went to Woofs (bear bar in Columbus)
I met zell777, bigdave, manticore1977, Bob (dunno his LJ if he has one), and mrguillo

The gay-friendly coffee shop we went to

It's great to meet new friends.

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