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New Year's Eve Dream

I had a dream that I was in a hotel that has a fountain in front of it. My lesbian cousin was me that day. I was inside and I was looing for Dawn and Drew's room coz they were staying somewhere there.

Then I went down and asked the people where Dawn and Drew were staying. They pointed out a room and I saw a person which I think was Drew who was looking out the balcony.

Then a person said, if you're looking for Dawn, she's one of the people sitting by the fountain. I saw a woman with blue hair. That's her. So I spoke to her. My cousin was with me so I asked Dawn if I can take pictures with her. She said ok and came up behind my cousin, wrapped her arms around her and carried her. I took pictures of Dawn carrying my cousin.

Somehow, it was my turn to take pictures with her, then I woke up.


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