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Nard's Weekend Update

Friday was great!
Got to eat at to at Tony's last Friday night. That was fun.

Then we went bowling. It was a good night for bowling for me.
Scores: 157, 213, 146
This is the second time I got a 200+ score.
I wish Mike were here. :-(

Saturday, I had to attend a funeral for Stephen Martin. The last time I saw him was at Hollywood Gift Shop near Ripcord.
That was sad. :-(

Then we had dinner with some A&FH people at Saffron Morroccan. It was a great dinner. Very interesting. Very elaborate. Very expensive, too. ($46 each person)

Afterwards, we all went to Guava Lamp.

Sunday, brunch at Cadillac Ranch.
After a heavy meal, we went to Marq*E to watch Glory Hole... I mean Glory Road.

I had to go home afterwards coz I had to do some websites. I also need to do the next podcast soon with bigvbear and bobaloo (tonight). Arrggh!!

So busy!

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