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Dallas... Here I Come!

Soon, I'll be leaving for Dallas!
Some of my friends here are going to Dallas, so I thought of going, too.

I'm staying at Jeff and Alex's. It should be a fun weekend.

Perhaps we'll go to the Hidden Door (if I could find it. har har har)
And probably all the other bear-friendly places.
I'll bring my iRiver just in case. hehehe

I got my iPod Mini loaded with my favorite podcasts (Yeastradio, Luckybitchradio, Fox in the City, tWit, Chris Pirrilo Show, Queer as Folkyboy, Dawn and Drew, Michael and Evo Winging it, Slice of Sci-Fi)

I'm finished with bTalk and BearDar Radio coz I listen to those immediately during the week.

All packed and ready to go. :-)

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