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International Bear Rendezvous Part 2 (VLOG) - Ang Aking Munting Mundo

About International Bear Rendezvous Part 2 (VLOG)

Previous Entry International Bear Rendezvous Part 2 (VLOG) Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 11:07 am Next Entry

What's in the video:
IBR, Vendor Fair, Walking around SF, Bar Hopping


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Date:February 20th, 2006 03:09 pm (UTC)
I watched your last 3 video episodes on the bus ride to work this morning (Dallas, IBR 1 and 2). I hope I'm being constructive with the criticism here and that I'm giving you enough to work with. I'm not just complaining, I'm trying to give you some ideas on how to make your show better.

For the Dallas one, it would have been nice if your friends had consented to be introduced on camera, especially before you got into the mall. I didn't know any of those bears before and I still wouldn't recognize them now. I liked that you introduced all the places you visited, but you seemed to turn off the camera at the most interesting times. However, for the audio-only pub crawl episode, that worked very well due to the noise level at the Round-Up and TMC. Overall, it just felt odd that you made the places you went the star of the episode rather than the people you were seeing.

For the IBR one at the bars, I was really wishing you had introduced more of the content. I had an idea of what was going on since I had been to IBR before, but the whole ticket-sales technique is always ripe for commentary and I just thought you missed an opportunity. This would have been a good time for you to have a personal microphone running to the camera rather than the built-in omnidirectional microphone. The overall noise level in both IBR videos was distracting since there wasn't anything specific to be listening for. As for the vendor market video, I thought it ran a little long once the noise level overwhelmed anything you might have been saying.

I hope you aren't spending too much time on video and podcast production that you are missing out on some of the fun of IBR. You shouldn't feel pressured to get the next episode edited and uploaded while you are on vacation. This would have been a really good time for you to have someone 'back home' or rather elsewhere that you trusted to edit the video and audio while you were off having fun. That way you were providing a slicker product in a very timely manner. Both of the IBR videos would have been great edited to music, like something sexy and suggestive for the bar/ticket-sales.
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Date:February 21st, 2006 01:59 am (UTC)
This is the best comment I've ever read so far. Thanks! I really appreciate it.

The Dallas trip was really like a video blog for me, with a little hint about TBRU venues. Yes, there might be a thousand attendees who are already aware of the TBRU venues, but there are people who have never been to TBRU so they could see what Dallas gayborhood is like. Plus, I just like capturing video. :-) And as for the friends being introduced, knowing them already, I didn't think they wanted to.

As for IBR, I've never been to IBR before so I took videos. I really think the Bear Ba Da Bingo was great, and so was the Eagle videos. I should agree with you, though, that I should have dubbed music into it or something more pleasant. However, I always want to keep it real, in a sense. It really is amature. But yeah, having background audio to replace the ambient noise would have been better for iPod users.

Oh don't get me wrong. I really did enjoy the run. I only took most of those videos out of whim. I just put them all together in the morning.

You're right, I should not feel pressured to get the episodes out immediately. Quality suffers. Actually, I only lost some sleep.

Regarding video editing, I only rely on myself to do that. I'd like to keep it simple, quick and easy.

At TBRU, Bears to the Coast and BearWatch, I might do the same, but I will wait until I get home to edit it all. Hehehe. It's my first time to video blog and it really was draining.

Thanks again, Tommy. :-)
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