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First Homerun!!

I had my first homerun!!!

It was at the Lone Star Classic Tournament.
I'm playing for the Houston Fire.

When we were playing against the Herricanes, I was at bat.
The bases were not loaded. I got 2 strikes already.
Then I was able hit that last one. It was sorta an error on the
Herricanes but it got out there. Hey I'll take it

I ran like the wind. I got a homerun!

Then the token straight guy in our team came up to me to carry me coz I got a home run.
When he put me down, SNAP!
I twisted my right foot. It was bad!!! It hurt so bad!!!

I couldn't play much after that. Oh well.

More updates later. Sunday, we still continue our tournament.

I am happy despite the "pain... suffering... (Yoda mode)" coz of the foot.

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