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My Weekend Update

It's been a good weekend. It was very busy indeed!

Friday night, a bunch of us went to Thai Spice Buffet for a surprise birthday party for a friend. Afterwards, bowling at Dynamic Lanes. I scored 135, 162, 157. I haven't played for months. Then off to Montrose Mining Company afterwards.

Saturday, I attended practice with a softball team called The Krewe. That was fun. I played Second base. At night, I attended the Asians and Friends Houston Party (It was elections night.)

Sunday, I played softball. My team, The Wave, lost against the Extremes (11-10). It was so close! Then we won against the Justice League (20-7).

Then I picked up a co-worker at the airport.

It was a pretty busy weekend. I can't wait to go to Jazzfest this coming weekend at New Orleans. :-)


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