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Happy Monday!

Not really :-(
I wish it's still the weekend.
The weekend was just too short. :-(

We got to watch Mission Impossible 3 last Saturday. I like the action and the effects. A lot of things were really impossible, but I just chose to set aside the impossibilities and just enjoy the movie.

Then I attended the Asians and Friends Houston's Fish Fry and Game Night. That was fun playing LCR (dice game).

Then I went to 611 to meet with jstdrawnthatway and droxnar711. We played a game of darts (Cricket and 301). That was fun, too.

Afterwards, I passed by Ripcord and met up with jeffdintexas. He was with a friend and we all went to our friend Mark's house. Took a dip in the hot tub. It was okay. (Apparently we just missed witnessing a 4-some there hehehe)

Sunday, we had dimsum at Lucky Dragon III in Bellaire. Afterwards, shopping at Hongkong Market. I also had to do something with persianbear in the afternoon, so I passed by his place.

It was such a fun weekend!

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