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Back from BearWatch 7, Softball

Whew! I'm back from BearWatch 7! Yay!
Podcasts, pics and videos to follow.

Today, I had to leave Galveston at 6:30am to catch my 8:00am softball game.
When I arrived at the field, we forfeited since we only had 8 players.
What a waste!!! Many of us were pissed.

So I ate breakfast with a lesbian couple. It's my first time to hangout and mingle with a lesbian couple and they have different stories to tell (not *those* kind of stories hehehe)

Then we played at 12 noon and 2pm. I played 2nd base on both games and I did pretty well. We lost the games though, but we had fun. (yeah yeah yeah... it's only a game hehehe)

I'm home now and just waiting to do an interview with thereisnofear.
For the meantime, I'm gonna eat some chinese food. Yay!

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